Two weeks to change my life…

So 4am on a Saturday morning and I am wide awake. I had the germ of an idea earlier in the week and sometime around 2:30am the idea germinated into a full blown infection. So instead of laying in a stuffy bedroom listening to my lovely hubbie snoring I got up, made tea, and joined my menagerie downstairs to get my plans all down on paper.

Ready? Here goes.

I am going to take 2 weeks to save, erm…change my life!

I have been waffling on all year about sorting my eating out, losing weight, getting fitter….well, lets be honest, I have been banging on about all this for a lot longer than this year!

Anyway. Moving on!

Most “diet plans” require you to stick to whatever regime you are following for at least a month. It takes 21 days to change a habit! But I have been struggling to find a 21 or 30 day window without an event or a commitment where I would be required to eat.

And there, in that statement, lies the problem! There is NEVER a right time, a GOOD time or a PERFECT time. There is just life. It is what it is and we have to deal with it. As usual I am making excuses, putting off what needs to be done. So I am hereby committing to 2 weeks, just 14 days, and that is 14 days with real stuff happening that I just need to deal with!

What is going to be different this time? I am going to use the power of Facebook live to “vlog” every day. And I am going to look at every aspect of my life. Health, diet, exercise, my businesses, my house and so on and so forth…

My lovely friend Judi Hampton (she of unicorns and rainbows) is joining me on this fortnight of focus. Her positivity and determination is legendary! I am glad to have her in my corner.

I have set up a new Facebook page for this little project. I am committing to the following

  • Daily vlogs to you, my accountability buddies
  • Healthy, low carb eating
  • Regular exercise – visits to The Toning Rooms at least 3 times a week
  • Drinking at least 2 litres of water every day
  • Being brave!

I have been thinking about why I “fail” or at least give up whenever I embark on projects to lose weight, get fit etc. I tend to let any minor “problem” get in my way, use it as an excuse to stop whatever it is I am trying. Am I afraid of succeeding. Is Penny happy hiding behind her weight, her public profile? I present this happy positive face to the world on social media, and to be really honest, it is how I am, how I want to be. But I tend to hide the dark moments. I guess we all do. Social media becomes a kind of contest with everyone wanting to show the world how good their lives are, how beautiful their children are, how well they are doing.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Facebook. I love sharing, I love knowing what my friends are up to, I grab positivity, reject negativity, I embrace the good stuff. But it is a distraction and I use distraction to avoid. Avoid things I should be doing, avoid things I need to deal with. I am a master of avoidance. Mistress. Whatever – everybody has to be good at something right? J

I think that I “fail” because it is easier. Easier than succeeding. Easier than being honest with myself. Easier than facing up to the fact that if I don’t do this there will be consequences, possibly very serious consequences. Time to get real.

Anyway – its now Sunday evening and I just went live on Facebook, bared my soul, put all this out there. So now its time to start doing. Starting with a meal plan for the first week and a Sainsburys order!

Lets do this hold my hand