Happy Fathers Day…

Fathers Day always makes me sad. I loved my Dad so much, but he left home when I was 16, and although we did spend some time together in later years, we had been estranged for over 10 years when he died. He never knew my daughter Zoe, and he missed out on so much with her.

I am still bitter sometimes, and angry, and so envious of everyone that has or has had a strong dad in their lives. My dad was selfish and caused a lot of hurt. I have forgiven him, but it still hurts, even at the ripe old age of 57.

I have written about this before of course. But today I have a slightly different perspective.

You see, I went to a school reunion last night. It’s the first one I have ever been to! I didn’t really want to go, even up to 10 minutes before I went I was hesitant. But I did, and I am really glad that I did. It was fun, very weird…but fun. Interestingly most of the people from my year group had pretty much the same personality, as far as I could see. For me? I felt more confident, more sure of myself. Much of my school years were spent trying to fit in and not really knowing where my fit was.

Those of you that follow my blogs will know that that has been me for many years, but in the last five years I have found my way, established a more confident “me”

My year group are planning to meet up again, and I am looking forward to it. There was a genuine fondness between us which I think we should nurture.

So what has this to do with Fathers Day. One of my old school friends asked after my parents and was reminiscing about being at my house. And he said “I loved your dad, he was so cool”.

So, there you go Dad. Happy Fathers Day. You were cool, I just forgot that.


And by the way, Happy Fathers Day to my lovely Nigel. Although he didn’t come into Zoe’s life until she was 9 years old, he has been a wonderful Dad, and they love each other dearly. He is pretty cool too.

Hug your Dad, tell him you love him. Tell him he’s “cool” – while you have the chance.


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