June is busting out….


june is busting out all over

Well here we are, 6th June and I was very quiet last week, wasn’t I? Despite big plans for June I was so totally not in the right mindset last week. It was so cold and grey, we had the heating on and although I made a stab at eating a little better (and did ok-ish) I was not really feeling positive enough to trumpet it to the world.

But I planned!

This morning the sun is shining, the sky is really blue and I so have my positive hat on. So, let’s do this!

Here’s some bullet points of my plans  for this week:

  • Building some structure into my day/week
  • An early power-hour every morning, taking time for me to read, meditate and clear my head
  • Healthy low-carb eating
  • Back to the Toning Rooms for regular exercise at least 3 times a week
  • A little mini accountability blog every day
  • Firming up basic business plans for my businesses
  • Picking up the phone and talking to some customers

Plenty to be going on with there!

Next weekend I am off to Aberdeen for my first major Enjo event and am really looking forward to learning lots more about this business and the products.

Learning. It’s a huge part of my life right now. I guess we never stop learning, if we do we risk missing huge opportunities and I really believe it keeps your brain functioning! But I wonder if we appreciate the learning process when we are younger.

This last week I set out to learn about the EU before taking part in a vote that will determine the future of this country from quite some time. As with all study I had to shut out the noise and scaremongering to try and discover some facts. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I actually already knew!

I am also learning a lot from my lovely coach Ian. My weekly conversations with him on a Saturday are providing much food for thought. We are working through a well-known book/program – The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. Yes, I can see some of you who know me well sniggering in the background, but just go with me on this!

We do meander a little as the book triggers many realisations and revelations, some professional and some intensely personal and very emotional. But this is a process that I am finding is changing my attitudes and helping me decide what motivates me and what I actually want out of life. I thought I knew, but I am not sure I still want the same things as I did two years ago. Life goals need constant review and renewal.

I had a reminder on Thursday of my reasons for launching myself on another round of healthy eating, self-discovery, blogging etc. My hospital appointment for my eyes is set for 27th June, and I have a blood test form so that I can set up an appointment with my diabetic team. For my own peace of mind and confidence I need to be already making an effort when I ask for help.

Today I am sitting out in the garden working in the sunshine, feeling determined and positive. Stay with me, hold my hand, all encouragement welcomed.





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